About Naho - Japanese - Technologist - Leadership and System Coach - Learner - Cat lover

Greetings, I'm Naho Ito, a Japanese professional currently based in sunny Singapore. Armed with a Computer Science degree, I began my career as a technologist and found my niche in the ever-evolving tech world.

As a minority in my computer science classes during university, I quickly learned the value of diversity in innovation. This experience ignited my passion for promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of my life.

By day, I'm deeply entrenched in the world of technology as a part of a Fortune 100 company. As a technologist, I've had the privilege of navigating the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of my industry.

However, beyond my corporate endeavors, I have another passion that occupies my time and fuels my sense of purpose. Coaching - a journey I embarked on with the desire to make a meaningful impact on individuals and teams.

My career path has equipped me with valuable insights into leadership, talent development, and team dynamics, and it's where I've discovered my unwavering passion for regional growth in a global context. I firmly believe that regional development plays a pivotal role in shaping our interconnected world. I'm dedicated to empowering regional leaders, like you, to steer your communities or organizations towards greater heights on the global stage.

I'm also a passionate learner and advocate for continuous growth. In my pursuit of excellence in coaching, I've earned certifications that reflect my commitment to professional development. These certifications have equipped me with the latest coaching methodologies and best practices, ensuring that I can provide you with the highest quality coaching experience.

I'm also passionate about helping individuals unleash their full potential and guiding teams to achieve excellence. Coaching allows me to share these insights and empower others to overcome challenges, break barriers, and reach their aspirations.

And then there's my love for cats, which brings me moments of joy and relaxation in the midst of a busy life. These furry companions are a constant reminder of the importance of finding balance and appreciating life's simple pleasures.

Through my dual roles as a technologist and a coach, I aim to create a positive impact in both the corporate world and the realm of personal development. My belief in diversity, inclusivity, and the pursuit of dreams remains at the core of my endeavors.

I'm thrilled to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for regional growth in a global context, collaborate on projects that make a difference, and continue learning on this multifaceted journey. Together, we can navigate the complexities of the interconnected world, explore the transformative power of coaching, and maybe even share a few heartwarming cat stories along the way.

 Education And Speciality Training

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - International Coaching Federation

Energy Leadership Index® (ELI) Master Practitioner - iPEC® Coaching

Certified Professional Coach - iPEC® Coaching

Certified Executive Coach | COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ Specialist (CLDS) - iPEC® Coaching

ORSC™ Trained - CRR Global

Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC™) - Team Coaching International.